With WmpRemote you can remote Windows media player AND Winamp without even look on your PC Screen.
All the information you need appears on your iPhone/iPod screen.
WmpRemote is excellent when you want to play music on your PC from a different room and perfect for home parties when you’re not close to your computer.

WmpRemote Features:

  • Windows media player and Winamp Support
  • See which song is playing now
  • Set volume Up/Down & Mute On/Off
  • Play, Pause, Stop, Move next, Move previous your songs.
  • Full control on your playlist – Browse your PC to add/remove songs or videos to playlist.
  • Shuffle and Repeat playlist songs.
  • Remote control on many media players PCs (Just install the free WmpRemote server on any windows machine)
  • Save & Load playlists from your iOs device.
  • Set media player close timer
  • Set Alarm clock
  • Choose your own remote background from library

Download WmpRemote

WmpRemote Server requires .NetFramework 2.0 installed on you computer.
.Net Framework for Windows x86 .Net Framework for Windows x64

WmpRemote Server WmpRemote for iOs

Installation Steps

  • Download and install WmpRemote Server
  • Downlaod WmpRemote Server

  • Follow this video guide in order to install WmpRemote Server on your computer
Download WmpRemote App to your iOs device from Apple AppStore.

Downlaod WmpRemote App
Remote your media player using WmpRemote


  • Open Wmp and go to Tools -> Options
  • Go to the Plug-ins tab and in the left list choose Background.
  • Now you should see "uICE WMP Plugin" in the list. Check this plugin and try to remote Wmp with WmpRemote.
Please check the following:
  • The firewall blocks the application.
    when you run the server at the first time, the windows firewall should ask you if you want to allow the application.
    you must click allow because the server need to open network port.
    if you clicked Block in the firewall dialog - go to the firewall settings in the control panel and allow the WmpRemote Server.
  • The port 8221 is already in use.
    Check if the WmpRemote is not already running,you should have icon of it in the notify area
  • Try to restart your computer.
  • Check if other softwares on your computer dont use the port number.
Go to the playlist and slide your finger left to right on the song that you want to delete and the delete button will show up.
Go to the host list and slide your finger left to right on the host that you want to delete and the delete button will show up.